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to be very candid about that. just as bombings all military use of force have air raids and we measure them in civilian casualties. it releases are also a complex human system that has the air rate and we should and often don't measure and a subsequent civilian death there have been a lot of people killed as a result of people that we have released and in retrospect we should not have released and we have done a lot of damage to people we should not have captured or detains. the basic contours' we have used so far back to the conversation we just had if anybody is the enemy combatants within the war now the obama administration retain the substance but dropped the word enemy combatants does the authorization for the use of military force which representitive barbara lee voted against coming in for authorize the force contained by the act of detaining somebody? i argue parts of the enemy against which congress has authorized the use of force, that is the basic paradigm we have used to date. i would argue that is too loose and not a useful way of thinking about the category of people we want
with the actions of the mexican government. the mexican government has cooperated with us in efforts to stem this particular problem, to limit this particular problem and continues to work with us in ways we might reverse it. but the underlying problem as i said to president calderon and others, the underlying problem is in the canadian refugee laws and far too easy in canada to make a bogus refugee claim as a way of entering the country tli. we have to change that. it is unfair to those that are legitimate refugees and unfair to hundreds of thousands that are working their way through the immigration system. we will continue to work with mexican authorities to try and limit this problem, but in the absence of legislative change, it is very difficult for our government to control this, other than through the imposition of visa. it is the only tool available to us right now. we need additional tools from our parliament to stem the flow of bogus refugee claimants and also to have additional tools to deal with this kind of problem. >> alex panett amount, canadian press. >> translator: very impo
, in ias-- seekng, teaching, building. fueling growth around e world to move us all ahead. thisis the power of human energy. chevron. the national science undation. supporng education and research across all fiel of science and gineering. and with the ongoingupport of these institions and foundations and... this programas made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by ctributions to your pbs station from viewers li you. thank >> lehrer: iraq was hiwith a new wave of bombings todayhat killed at ast 48 people. re than 250 others were wound. the attacks were the lest to target shiites, andhey raised fears that wideread sectarian iolence will erupt again. we have a report narred by nathan rugman of independen televisn news. >> cominiraq and the regn. about 107 wounded. the shiite village, a similar attack on loc shiites only last friday. the -- in northern iraq a full day of attacks. in baghdad bombings day, in reas where shiites were. the past earlier two explosions. >> gatherng her what did pple do to deserve this. >> reporter: t prime minist, only lasweek the main roads er
>>> here in new york, markets taking a breather. commodity stocks and banks seeing -- >> in the u.s., state of wall street's rally could hinge this weekend on data on the consumer and the outcome of the fed meeting. >>> welcome to cnbc's worldwide exchange. we'll start out with a look at the global session at the beginning of the week. down six points. good session as we heard in japan in japan in particular today. nick kay off ten-month highs. one hour into their trading week taking profits from the ten-month highs we closed in at on friday. household goods, construction, weakest sectors at the moment.t. dollar is trying to retain most of its gains. lost a little bit of ground to the yen.n. still 97.40. ua dollar 141.89. bank of england's meeting last week and u.s. selling 85.33. nice to see you. >> hey, nice to see you, too. hope you had a good weekend. in asia, nice start to the week. duty optimism of the u.s. jobs on friday. fueling optimism. u.s. could lead the world into a recovery. that is providing support to the markets. ten-month high.. rise in machinery orders. first time
it's monday, the 10th of august. thanks for being with us, most news in the morning. >> i'm kiran chetry. we're following several stories we'll be breaking down in the next 15 years. a drug war, trade dispute and swine flu, all of that on president obama's agenda today. we're live in guadalajara, mexico where the president meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. >> back here at home, democrats are trying to break through the noise of the health care debate, it's growing louder by the dachlt anger and frustration not playing out of town hall meetings, what you our viewers have to say ahead. >> the latest on the dramatic midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the hudson river. a deadly combination after the two crashed and plummeted into the water. now wreckage and more victims have been recovered. also what investigators are learning about a possible cause. cnn's susan candiotti is live on the scene. >>> we begin with president obama in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada it's a short trip with a long agenda from drugs an
time in a couple of years. clouds and inraare north anin east of us. w.now.no frerk 75. winchester 73. hagerstown also 890 at this hour and eastern shore looking at lower 70s. the day at a glance. 83 by 9:00. do the exercise early. 93 by noon and 98 would tie the record. we will talk about than coming up. right now 5:01. angie has the traffic. >> hope you have that coffee brewing. we are ready to jump start your day looking at 95 and the bw parkway. so far so good. smooth sailing out of baltimore to the beltway. live from 270, we are here at 121 -- actually this is the outer loop north of the district. live from university no problems or incidents. the lanes are wide open. switching the shot over, here's 66. tracking head lights. moving great through centreville. see what is going on 395 northbound. right now no delays in to duke street and i want you to know as we go back to the graphics if you ride the yellow or blue line, you have track maintenance issues. over to andrea. >>> as howard is telling us, brace yourselves for the heat. yesterday was bad. today is expected to be worse. 9
. real pics of u.s. fighters taking out the taliban on your national conversation for national conversation for monday, august 10th, 2009. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news because we do a conversation, not a speech. it's always your turn to get involved. look at these live pictures we're following. this is such a curious story. that is a beaked whale. they're kind of rare. everything we've read about them indicates they usually don't show themselves but in this case, not only is this whale showing itself, it's in trouble. big trouble. they can't seem to be able to make it budge from this beach. that's a serious problem because -- not only for itself, by the way, but it also has its baby not far from it and it's safe because it's being held by someone but the whale itself, a large whale, this beaked whale is what it's called, is not just on the part where the surf is, but for the most part, on the beach part as well. all these people have come -- isn't curious how people who oftentimes would just
to be the great solver of crime there? here's what police are saying. >> these are firearms that are being used on the streets of fresno to do drive-by shootings. they're in the hands of the wrong people. >> it doesn't matter whether you're getting gang bangers in here or not, you're getting guns off the street. >> okay. guns off the street. you know, they have a point. the people who you don't want having guns, are they the ones, though, that are really turning them in the for the gift card? we'll delve into all this. joining us to talk about it, let's welcome back steve rogers, former member fbi joint terrorism task force. also, detective lieutenant with the nutley, new jersey police department. and joining us by phone, chief jerry dyer with the fresno police department. first off, chief, did you expect that kind of turnout? you've got people lining up, what, like three hours early, you ran out of gift cards. you expect that? >> yeah, we really didn't know what to expect, quite honestly. we hadn't done this before. i know other agencies had across the nation, but we were overwhelmed in terms
-628-0205. you can reach us on twitter, twitter.com/c-spanwj. you can also reach us by e-mail, journal@c-span.org. if you call in, make sure that you turn down your television or radio so that you do not feed back. we will start with the front page of "the wall street journal." "taliban is now winning." this is the report from peter spiegel in washington. "the commander, general stanley mcchrystal, has offered a preview of the strategic assessment that he is going to deliver to washington later this month, saying that the troop shifts are designed to better protect the afghanistan civilians from rising levels of taliban violence and intimidation. the coming redeployments are the clearest manifestation on the death toll and spike in military deaths in afghanistan." we will look at that chart this morning, the mounting toll of the u.s. troop casualties in afghanistan. another article this morning from the philadelphia -- "philadelphia inquirer." de "the president's national security adviser did not rule out adding more u.s. forces in afghanistan to help turn around a war that he said yes
get anything new, just let us know. in the meantime another developing story tonight. today, summer scorching. the temperature believe it or not is not a record breaker. >> the t 6-degree temperature combined with the humidity puts the average of 88 seem cool. gary is tracking the intense heat for us in the weather center. >> just to make this official i haven't gotten in all of the official high temperature readings for today. so far what i have seen for national has been 96 degrees. the record for national on this date is 98. we may get very close if not touch that. i don't think we will surpass that. today at 1:00, dulles was actually actually up to 101 degrees and that was the actual air urat so the record highs foryou can ee national. 96 dulles and 100 for bwi. the fo0 i 0bw1r will be good. a wrecord for dulles and bwybe neighbor and even i.close to that. they have been lower to mid-90s all day long. hd ac hktrue view we have 96 for national. lioocng off oofor dulles. winchester 92. hagerstown 93. the reason they e ncngclioo ofl there is thunderstorm activity to the west. some
'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, august 10th. if you didn't call your buddy on the 9th yesterday, what are you waiting for? give them a call right now. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. howard is here to tell us about the triple hs. >> hazy, hot and humid. today not much relief and tomorrow will be better. s for a the pool, andrea, i know some flames that are going -- some families b@ararargoing ly upgoin uply. the heatexcessive. . arwe excessive. we are tothe to the mp urerteesat in ars. 1ne fis aerriinntgomery and dc of o m dur ovfaer and charles and charles county. e counties are generally west of e uto up tloct l.na 81 agan nrel.na r air aistation and wihars2.gewn 8 st y encer, you are up kl78ic at heup meickly at 78 and the helu ermometer is li tta . wale merm lia ttle warm. i will tell you that. most heat index values in the middle 80s. low 90s by noon. 5:00 temperature, 98. that would make it the hottest day of the year and tie the record of 66 years ago. i will be back with the record to beat for the day. right now here's angie. >> thank you, h
's stories, go to our blog at cnn.com/amfix. and we're glad you're with us today. hope you'll join us again tomorrow. >> thanks so much for being with us. >>> right now the news continues with "cnn newsroom" and heidi collins. >>> three amigos meet south of the border. the summit on swine flu, trade, and the boarer. >>> a u.s. helicopter gun ship in action in afghanistan. watch what happens next. >>> and a restaurant worker, your health care, our focus in this make or break month. good morning, everybody, i'm heidi collins, it's monday, august 10th, and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> well, this morning, the battle of health care reform. congress is in recess, lawmakers are back at home, but voters are angry and they are on the offense. we'll talk more about that. >>> also, people still getting in each other's faces as you see here is this hot issue going to cool down any time soon? or more of these town hall meetings erupt into shouting matches? and our suzanne malveaux is traveling with the president. his health care is the top priority, top domestic priority, that is. but this morning
to weak people that they convinced to commit suicide, but at the end of the day, do they accept us as a jewish state proof. -- as a jewish state? . >> in on the complex -- armed conflicts, that our strategies and also psychological operations. in the counter risen efforts -- counter-terrorism efforts, and it may be an abstract question that requires an abstract answer, is there a viable strategy or tactical approach to the use of psychological the terence to deter -- psychological deterrence to deter the actions of terrorists? it is easy to think about the physical deterrents and protections of borders and so forth. how liable is psychological deterrence -- how viable is psychological deterrent to that that of nuclear and biological materials and so forth, and also to be armed aggressors? >> bill on the panel would like to deal with that? -- who on the panel would like to deal with that? >> on mondays, wednesdays, and friday's i am an optimist and believe that there are solutions to problems. one tuesdays and thursdays i am not an optimist, or in the words of mark twain, i am an op
.m. temperature, a record tying 98. give us good traffic. >> i will do my best, howie b. welcome to the 6:00 hour. we are ready to jump start your workweek beginning with 95 northbound in virginia. already a little slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. taking it to 66. no problems to report this time. as you take a close look at 50 to 123. moving along, hey, maryland, things are mighty fine on 270 from germantown to the split. on the outer loop north of the district, already seeing a good amount of volume from new hampshire georgia. a couple of breaks along the way. and we will wrap with 95 and the bw parkway. nice and green out of baltimore past powder mill to the capital beltway. that's a quick look at traffic. now, over to you. >>> i think you have heard this earlier in the day it will be a scorcher today and for most of the week. for healthy people the heat can be dangerous but they are the sick and elderly it can be down right deadly. armando trull is joining us from rockville with survival tips. >> good morning. the heat advisory as you heard from howard kicks in at noon. that me
will be with us and pennsylvania governor edrindel . dr. david lipshus. we'll cover every bit of all of the information that we can possibly cover. we hope you will stay tuned for this next important hour. [applause] last week we asked you to send us your e-mails and we'll read some of them tonight and we'll ask you to send us your questions throughout the show . we'll be getting to some of them later in the hour. i will let you in on a secret to why i am personally opposed to president obama's rush. it is not not personal opposition to president obama and not political opposition because it is pushed by democrats. it is because of what i know about how government works . how even good ideas go bad when they are put through the legislative process. i am not a shield for insurance companies and heavy-handed way in which they put profits ahead of patients is partly to blame in the way they are fixing things. the cure may be worse. >> government doesn't worry about how temperature costs. they can borrow more money and print money and charge you higher taxes. with obama care it will requ
and unleash u.s. investment to create innovative technologies and whole new industries right here in america, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and protect our children from pollution. so i do look forward to hearing all of our witnesses today about how we can work together to rise to the clean energy challenge and to transform our economy. senator inhofe. >> well, thank you, madam chairman, and thank you for holding this hearing. i think it might be a good time since we're going to go into august recess to kind of assess what we have leshed from -- learned from these hearings. madam chairman, since i turned the gavel over to you, this committee's held over 30 hearings on global warming with numerous testimony from officials all over the country and world. these hearings explored various issues associated with cap and trade, and i'm sure my colleagues learned a great deal for them, but over the last two years it was not from these hearings that i, that we got to the essence of cap and trade. it was the democrats who cut right through the chase, it was the democrats over the last two year
the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you right back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- trace: search teams have now found the wreckage of the plane involved in that deadly mid-air collision above the hudson and there was a body inside. plus, we now have 911 tapes from just seconds after the crash. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the news starts now. chaos in the skies. >> we sought right wing of the airplane contact the helicopter. both aircraft descended into the hudson river. trace: tonight, even as bodies are still being pulled from the river, we are learning new details about the crash over the hudson. and we're asking you questions about the rules that require to you fly at your own risk. it was a tragedy that unfolded before the eyes of the city. a sightseeing helicopter and a small plane colliding off manhattan and plummeting into the hudson river. nine people died in that crash. and
from the top u.s. commander there. >>> and a big drag for a suspected robber who led police on a three-mile chase. they ended up chasing him not just to catch him but to save him. >>> i'm chuck roberts. welcome on a monday hln "news and views." diver are scouring the water for the two remaining victims of saturday's crash of a sight-seeing helicopter and a small fixed wing plane. that crash killed a total of nine people and this morning divers working in near zero visibility say they think they located the plane. they say they hope to pull it out of the water today. most of the chopper was plucked yesterday and the ntsb says it was close to intact. alert witnesses on both shores, the new york and new jersey sides of the river, caught the crash on their cameras. and the ntsb says their quick action is helping them piece together exactly what happened. >> we've had some very good information from eyewitnesses. we have some footage, some pictures that you all have seen that shows immediately after the collision some of the break-up sequence and the two aircraft actually falling towards th
that book. the third book i have to be in the week at night has been by my bedside many of us are but maybe this is finally the summer i will read the powerbroker by robert a. caro on robert moses. it is something i wanted to read a long time and it's that kind of book you need a nice summer month to find the time to read it. >> to see more summer reading lists and other program information, visit our website at booktv.org. .. >> at every level in the federal government and we have seen a significant losses across the united states and obama one in a very decisive victory not only winning electorally with a large mandate but carrying a very significant filibuster-proof senate and a strong majority in the congress. these are serious times for conservatives and republicans that want to have a two-party system and see that important for the future of the nation important foundation for our republic can form of government. today we have a number of distinguished guests broke i have an newsmax one of the new on-line new media companies in america restarted 10 years ago and we reach 5 million ame
have already declared that the recession is over and that the u.s. economy is on the path of recovery. but as scott gurvey reports, even the experts have lots of questions about the central bank's next move. >> reporter: fed watchers would like answers to three questions when the central bank concludes its august meeting on wednesday. first, they want to know abo plans to raise interest rates. second, they want to know if the fed thinks the economic recovery is real. and finally, they want to know if chairman ben bernanke will be re-appointed to a second four- year term. well, answers to two out of three isn't bad. first up, there isn't a snowball's chance in a very warm place that the fed funds rate will be raised from its zero to .25% range this month, or, according to jim o'sullivan of u.b.s., anytime soon. >> most likely they'll repeat the language, indicating that the funds rate's going to stay exceptionally low for an extended period. in addition, we would expect the wording to be a bit more optimistic sounding on the outlook for growth. this is consistent with the idea that the
liquors isn't as easy as it used to be. >> and they killed my boss, you know, and they're still out there running around. that's not justice. >> reporter: his boss, 57-year- old kang was shot. police are still looking for the suspects. >> it angers me. it frustrates me. it upsets is me. kang was like my second dad. >> reporter: kang's wife says it's a struggle every day to walk into the store. and knowing the kill canners are still out there despite surveillance video makes it even harder. amos is trying to up the reward money being offered. joseph represents the korean grocers and beverage association who recently put up $2,000, raising the total reward to four grand. >> we lost a good man. he was working hard for his family and his wife and son. >> reporter: the employees started this petition right after the robbery to get more cameras and security in this shopping plaza. so far, they have collected more than a thousand signatures. >> you needed something? he was there for you, no questions asked. >> reporter: chris harris quit his full-time job and came back to work at the liquo
a piece of equipment that is used to repair some track hit the employee. we're told that the metro worker s been air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries, orange line service between vienna and west falls church has been suspended. shuttle buses are being used to get riders to their stops. we'll update you on that story soon we learn more. >>> back to our top story. the hot waseather. how hot are we talking for tomorrow, first of all? >> it's going to be hotter than today, that's first and foremost. in fact, tomorrow could be a record-breaking temperature day. the record high for tomorrow at reagan national is 98 degrees. and we are going to be very close. but the fact is, the humidity is what will make it feel that much worse. so today we hit 96 degrees. that is a warm one. 97 down in richmond. right now we're down to 85. so it is really warm out there at 11:00 in the evening. dewpoints are in the upper 60s. so it's really humid. now, because of the combination, tomorrow the weather service, and i also think that it's going to feel like easily 100 degrees. possibly up to about 10
care. folks do just that in a snitch website under a new health czar. if is the government using money to spy on us. welcome to cashin in. and joining us is max and tracy and former texas congressman martin, okay guys. white house saying quote we can't keep track of everything so we need your help. if you see something fishy about health care, send it to us. wayne, you say this site is fishy, why do you say that? >> encouraging the government to spy on people is outrageous. remember about bush with the telephones and you have to reported this. any time w when the federal government is messing with the private citizens rights, we are protected by the constitution. government seems to illegal nor that and. by the way, you wonder where is the aclu when something like this happens. >> let's go to martin, because it does seem like a violation of our rights? >> come on, that is not even close. when i looked at the website. what they are asking, if someone hears something that sounds strange and white house could give them their side of the story. i have a republican person in texas that she
hearing from you. call in on any topic. the number, 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us or text us. start your message with the word "prime." it's your chance to be heard. >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. lots to get to. let's get right after it here. breaking, urgent developments in the michael jackson case. entertainment tonight is reporting the king of pop was finally buried in secret. we'll get to that. his resting place, forest lawn cemetery in hollywood. and this just in today. the los angeles county coroner's office has completed its report on jackson's death. so when are we going to find out what killed him? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell hln is the number. joining us to talk about it, russell weston, attorney, also with us, steve rogers, detective lieutenant, nutley new jersey police department. also, former member of the joint terrorism task force. anita kay is with us, criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor. and also joining us, ted rowlands, he's been covering this since day one on our sister network, cnn. ted, right to you on this one. we've
- based forms of fuel that is killing us and telling the resources we need to survive. last summer when gas prices were so expensive, people were screaming to, isn't it terrible. it is tough to live without gasoline but a lot harder to live without water, three days, that is it. i think you bring up a great point in terms of realizing the true cost of the exploitation of those kinds of resources. host: wisconsin on our independent line. caller: first, i want to thank you for c-span. i want to thank the two young people for being on the air. it is so important. i don't remember if it was discovery, national geographic or the history channel but they showed a program where countries -- several countries in the world where they are playing with our weather and putting some kind of gas pump up into the ozone layer and it is affecting the way in that gulf stream patterns and other patterns, and it is influencing -- excuse me -- influencing our weather. and also, why can't governments all over the world outlaw plastic? it would create jobs and get rid of all of this crap all of our water? hos
we'll treat it first. most families in china earn less than 1,000 u.s. dollar as year. the 15 cents is affordable health care. but reeed. we can't afford to treat major illnesses, she says, we're afraid if it's serious we'll have to spend a lot of money. but health care reform is also important to this economy. the chinese have an incredibly high personal saving rate. currently that's to cut against medical bills. the government is imposing a better health care system will mean that they save less and spend more. that will be good for economic growth. to do that, they have sun verse sal health courage of 20/20. >> here is tony harris. >> good morning, everyone. this is august 10th. the top stories in the cnn "newsroom." >>. >>> divers look for bodies in the hudson river. >>> a growing appetite in small town america. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris and you are in the cnn "newsroom." temperatures are reaching a pitch and the chanting, the yelling, the hard to reach the debate through all of the noise. to determine what happens with health care reform, we'll cut through all of
is joining us now with what all of that means and d arh d o teart tehot this morning. >> it sure did. already we're in the upper 80s. ot in a few heah ofrse te he woe ofe he s set to arrive ni a couple of hours. the heat advisory goes into affect at noon. stunties in orange, so to the is where our heat adeasory is and aga the at's the cnabiom humidity and heat, will bibe in excess of 100 degrees this ae erprepared for a prepared fo hot summer afternoon. 88 now at reagan national. that 00 a m.10:00 a.m. we'll get an update momentarily. winds out of the west at 8 miles per ho. lookaaa the regional map. yl 'lcetiti i t8 8 tn atshur heesermpe ur on the map. so you get the idea. we're talking about the record- s kirecord- breaking heat here in washington later this afternoon. our record high for the date is 98 degrees and the forecast, tolieve it or not, is upper 90s about 100 today. there is your morning satellite radar. lots of sunshine and haze and humidity. this theme will continue this afternoon. it should be mostly sunny. could be an isolated thunderstorm. in west virginia here is a little
to go to the station with these gentlemen and tell us everything you know about who he knows, who he's connected to. >> please, please. >>> and tonight a young mother with five little children in her minivan barrels down the wrong way on a packed interstate highway slamming into another vehicle. tally -- eight dead, one child, as we go to air, hanging onto life by a thread. tragedy? yes. accident? no. toxicology reports mommy high on booze and pot. tonight a court battle brewing. >> the question was asked, did she have an alcohol problem? did you know her to go to bars? >> absolutely not. >> did you know her to get drunk and act in -- >> i never saw her drunk since the day i met her. >> a 36-year-old mother, diane shuler, drove the wrong way for nearly two miles on a new york highway with five children inside her minivan. they struck an suv with three adults head-on. eight people were killed. authorities revealed schuler had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. equivalent to ten drinks. that she also had traces of marijuana in her system. >> how do you put five chil
. >> president bill clinton. >> killed by a u.s. missile strike. a terror offensive. and putin's show, more holiday again. welcome to this week. this week showed an emotional reunion, with the north korean president and a former president to pull it off. two journalists freed after bill clinton traveled halfway across the world to meet kim jong il. adam brooks reports on the return and the impact the episode might have on the un. >> their plane touched down at dawn. the two journalists had just been rescued from the prospect of 12 years in the korean labor camp. hannah lee, who is 4, had not seen her mother since the arrest at the border. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us. >> it takes 10 weeks to assure the reunion. >> degree and we all saw on television is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >> the white house wanted this to be seen as a mission of mercy, but it might be more. it winds its way up the chain to the oval office. its nuclear weapons, missiles, and intentions, have been a worr
recognizes h1n1 is going to be a challenge for all of us and there will be people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die. >> another deadly issues, president calderone's war against mexican drug cartel, which are only getting stronger. drug-related deaths surpassed 12,000 this month. president obama stands firmly with calderone as the cartels have increasingly branched out into the u.s. >> we have responsibilities to reduce the trafficking of guns into the south that help strengthen these cartels and the flows of money and money laundering. >> they will also discuss an issue of livelihood, unemployment in the u.s. caused by a trucking dispute. in 1994 the two countries agreed to allow mexican trucks to haul their loads directly into the u.s. to expedite delivery as long as safety measure were met. but members of congress and teamsters union complain the trucks are unsafe and block them from entry. >> allow them into our country will diminish safety on our highways. >> reporter: in retall yashgs, mexico slapped $2.4 billion worth of tariffs on products, devastating businesses th
tonight, a summer hot day only getting worse. thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >>> and wait until tomorrow if you thought it was bad tonight. it could feel like 100. gary mcgrady has more. >> yes, it can actually feel a little over 100 tomorrow afternoon and evening for a couple of hours. that is because the relative humidity is going to be up fairly high tomorrow. so you get that dreaded heat index that we talk about sometimes that can add at much as 5-7 degrees on top of the actual air temperature. we start off this neveing. earlier we did have thunderstorms up to the east of us. the high definition shong eus what happened, all of it i was is going well off to ithe east. ti had orf a time some of the counties under a thunderstorm watch, but most of it cancelled earlier. the strongest of the activity, g in. pe ursshatofht h pressured temperatures are cooler, last hour we were 88 here, now 82, leesburg is 83. and tomorrow we're under a heat advisory for just about everybody. could feel like it uiis about 1- 103 with the heat of the day. high temperatures tomorrow will be in
, they can't be ordinary americans, they dress too well. >> greg: don't hate it when people use hitler to make fun of people. >> pelosi bashers have been saying show us the swastikas and the washington times of all papers did find one. this happened last week in fort collins colorado. she cleverly has a swastika and down below it says obama, spelled it correctly just for her and a question mark. there it is, having said that, pelosi in her own district used to see pictures of bush being compared to hitler. look at this in san francisco all the time and she never said anything about it. all of a sudden she is outraged when it happens to her side. those on the far left and those on the far right should come together and agree to be [ bleep ]. fair and balanced. >> greg: thank you. i don't know, andrew, here is the thing, a poll came out today saying that obama's numbers are way down, less than bush was at the same time i believe and also there was a lot of resistance to obama care, people are beginning to sniff around and you go hey, smells like poo. [ laughter ] >> obama care. smells li
this country is great but that the government is using rules for radicals as a playbook, stand up and come follow me. >> you know, we can panic and freak out and stuff, but i had so much pie this weekend, i'm kind of feeling good, you know what i mean? if we could get universal pie, i might be in. hello, america. community organizing is all fun and games until someone starts organizing the community against the community organized government-run healthcare. then, it's time to start breaking some legs, you know what i'm saying? here is the one thing tonight. while the seiu dons their healthcare t-shirts, the tensions keep getting worse and the president is not saying much helpful. how about throwing us a bone here, mr. president? how about a little, hey, you know what? you guys should knock it off. i mean, if he was a parent -- i mean, aren't we going to for the nanny staith here? shouldn't the parent say something like, hey, you knock it off, and you, too! be nice or no healthcare for either of you. i'm just saying it might help kwell "it's just a g.o.p. astro astroturf mob kind of thing."
illegal aliens, they're going to give us classes on euthanasia. >> reporter: the white house says what they've heard isn't true. sarah palin weighed in with this facebook posting on what she called an obama death panel that would determine who gets treatment and who doesn't. even independent observers va this is offbait. still former speaker of the house newt gingrich defended the idea. >> you're asking to us trust turning power over to the government when there clear are people in the government to believe in establishing euthanasia. >> reporter: the growing anger and and confusion offer the original 1,000 page bill has put the white house and democrats on the offensive. >> i've heard this is going to pay for abortion across america. not true in any version of the bill. sghits hard to have a discussion about health care reform if you don't really know what it's all about. >> reporter: which means if health care reform is going to happen by the end of the year, the public will want to hear more reasoning. >> why don't you go home. >> reporter: and less ranting. rachel martin, abc ne
-flopped on facebook. >>> the fight over flight. the south carolina governor mark sanford use the state plane for personal business? it looks that way. and a controversy is putting his future up in the air yet again. >>> and why is jon minus kate? kate goslyn gives an exclusive interview about why the couple split. >>> and the hotown hall brawler are rowdy, but are they unamerican? you'll see if others think they're crossing the line. good afternoon, everybody. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm cameron hall live in new york. good afternoon, everyone. in the big picture, health care town hall. david, as we know, they've been disrupt add cross the country. some have even turned violent. now there is a report of someone bringing in a gun to a meet and greet, not a town hall, but still nonetheless a member of congress present. a visitor dropped a gun and picked it up at a meet and greet event held at an arizona grocery store last week. now her aides did call police after fearing for the lawmaker's safety. no one, thankfully, injured in that. nobody arrested. meanwhile, pr
and the heliports used. there's a lot of activity that generates a lot of commerce. but from areas around here, there are those who are adamant that there needs to be restrictions imposed on flying through this corridor. there are several busy airports. there is a lot of traffic in this corridor that's about a mile wide and as much as ten miles long from the statue of lib torte george washington bridge. and there could be as many as ten to 20 aircraft in that area at any given time. there are some members of congress that call it the wild, wild west, for example, giving you some indication of how concerned they are about that. so that is the issue going forward as well as what hatches here on the bottom of the hudson. the search for the plane continues. they think they have found most of the helicopter and there are still two bodies yet to be recovered. contessa? >> ron, thank you. we'll be watching for the ntsb briefing that happens at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >>> thanks to a judge's decision in los angeles, we'll see michael jackson perform one more time at least digit alally. >> they approved a $
>> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for "11 news today." >> first a check of the forecast with sandra. >> it is likely to be the hottest day of the year. we are looking at first of all the fact that our cooling centers are open today. we have i -- a video there for you. yesterday we hit a high of 92. the cooling centers, by the way, are located in all community city action centers and senior centers from 9 a.m. until 7:00. you can also visit our web site at wbaltv.com. we not only have the location of the cooling centers and possible transportation to those, but we also have information on how to beat the heat normally. so how hart hot is it already? well, we are actually in the mid to upper 70's. it is 79 degrees downtown right now. we're surging today to a high between 95 and 98, and the combination of the humidity with that will make it feel like it is 100 to 105. heat advise wriri in effect today. more on how long that will last coming up. right now let's check traffic. >> good morning to you, sandra. thankfully not dealing with any p
us to trust turning power over to the government when there clearly are people in america who believe in establishing euthanasia including standards. >> let me explain what reform will mean for you and let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >>> welcome to the dog days of august. joe scarborough with you on "morning joe" along with the new and improved, back from northeast harbor, mika brzezinski, and just crazier than ever. >> she looks rested. >> she does. also we have willie geist here. >> willie. >> actually we on "morning joe" do support turning willie over to the death penalty but, i mean, it's nothing personal. we have to cut somewhere. we have to cut somewhere. it's like logan's run, they all about around in those track suits and then they walk -- you can live to 30 and it's a great life. do you remember it from the 1970s? >> do you know what i'm looking forward to is when the new administration takes power and you're trying to get an ambassadors
the economy for starting to see positive signs let's see if the fed is as optimistic as the rest of us. less bad it has been the name of the game saw the private with the jobs number steal quarter million americans losing their jobs in the month of july not a good thing but a lot less compared to previous months. now that the cash for clunkers program has new fuel to keep running... politicians are hoping it will continue to boost auto sales... in just 2 weeks... more than 200-thousand new cars were sold under the program... and while many are calling it a success... it's putting a huge burden on junk yards... that have to dismantle and dispose of those so called clunkers. here at robbins auto salvage.. they're clearing space for about 200 gas guzzlers that will be coming in from the cash for clunkers program. once the clunker gets to the junk yard.. the engine is already disabled... they've got just 6 months to sell all the parts they can... and then they have to turn it into scrap metal. we have to do paper work..document.. tow them drain teh fluids crush them.. get rid of them... theres n
was nothing. we were humiliated. they were laughing at us. unemployment was through the roof. you all don't remember those gas lines, but inflation was through the roof. we were in the midst of this horrible recession. but at the end of reagan's administration, by 1989, america's position in the world had been reestablished their our pride as the country had been restored. we were back, and the future was bright and hopeful. reagan recognized that that sense of faith in our country, that incredible love of country can be a fleeting thing. and so he said our spirit is back, but we haven't read institutionalize it. we've got to do a better job of getting across that america is freedom. freedom of speech. freedom of religion. freedom of enterprise. and freedom is special and rare. it needs protection. that is what we do at young america's foundation. we need to read institutionalize freedom through you all, because we know, as reagan said, that freedom is not something to be preserved at any one moment in time. we must struggle every day to preserve it. and freedom is never more than one gen
million people in north america expect from us, so that's what we will do. thank you very much. >> thank you. speaking foreign language ] >> translator: president obama, there are certain questions about violation of human rights here in mexico and all of these problems, fighting drug trafficking, are you going to certify mexico? and how can we move forward with the initiative? we've also been concerned about any attempt against felipe calderon's life. we know about certain threats and insecurity that prevails. this, of course, is certainly related to your country. we're concerned about the visa problem too, but what comments would you have regarding all these questions? [ speaking foreign language ] >> here, here, i think it's coming. go ahead. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: -- want to know if mexico is going to be certified, and if you will help. in applying resources for the initiative. we've also heard about some attempts against the life of president felipe calderon. do you have any knowledge of this? and we're also concerned about national security. we're concerned ab
. -- and the health department is making it easier to get to the cooling centers. >> people can use the bus passed to get to a cooling center. we have six of them and we have cooling centers at all of our senior centers. >> the cooling centers are located in an all city community action centers tomorrow and tuesday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. to find a location closer to you, call 311. you can go to our web sites wbaltv.com for more information. two residents were killed in a plane crash this past weekend. it took off in taneytown. our reporter spoke with the families today and joins us live. >>letty williams leaves behind some sons and grandchildren and a legacy. it shows a spirit of the venture and a legacy of life. >> it is devastating. >> he says it is just darting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died -- it is just starting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died during the plane crashed in carroll county. >> she was an accomplished woman. she was a professional. she did a lot of good things. a lot of people love her. she loved a lot of people. she is going to be missed. >> the
. >> there is, actually. it will bring us a little bit of relief today. gary was on target. if you have to exercise, the woman who wanted to jog, that's fine. jog in the morning. s. ng at night, this time g 'sir ineng it's dangerous. t rina ghalright now. 90 in inrein es. bule rg . it's 99 dos wnelfes like 1002 quantico and -- 100 in quantico and well over 100 in fredericksburg. eat light meals, wear light clothing and drink a lot of water. we can't talk about that enough. record high today, 98 at national. we didn't hit it. the record high at dulles is 97. the old record was 96 in 2001. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few isolated storms possible. we'll come back and look at the doppler and talk about the temperatures. >>> you can blame the heat if you are waiting for someone to come home from the new brunswick lines. the maryland transit administration says there could be delays up to five and 15 minute ons the trains due to the heat. >>> and metro has ordered a safety standdown on most of its maintenance workers following the death last night of a 21- year veteran of the system.
are antaing about temperatures thael in the 100s. one thing that may help us a few thunderstorms in west virginia. if they can survive the thip ere thmountains and survive this amazingly strong high thbeforeise day o. day is out. we wl co meback and talk about the records to beat. as we were discussing how much longer the heat will be around when i return in 15 minutes. j.c.? >> thank you, howard. >>> well, how are residents coping with the intense heat? our 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull has that side of the story. >> reporter: the heat advisory kicks in at noon. >> i just deal with it, you know, simple as that. nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: mother naturing is dealing a mix of high humidity and high temperatures [ speaking in spanish ] >> in english that means today the mercury could reach 100 degrees. >> i will be inside most of the day. >> that is a good idea because air quality can be dangerous. >> it is code orange air quality day today which means it is unhealthy for sensitive groups like children, older adults and people with respiratory problems and
>> go. get the buddies. >> sometimes the story just needs to be shown. thanks for being with us. here now "the situation room" and wolf blitzer. >>> rick, thanks very much. happening now, three leaders, a shared mission. president obama huddles with the leaders of mexico and canada. they pledge to battle major problems especially one that's already left a lot of people dead. after a small plane crashes with a helicopter in new york, questions remain. why did it happen and could it happen again? we're standing by for some answers. there's a news conference with the national transportation safety board. stand by. >>> and a congressman screams at his constituents. did he have a public meltdown? >> not a single one of you have the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting. okay? then do that. do that! but don't, don't come and take advantage of what these individuals have done. you want a meeting with me on health care, i'll give it to you. >> tempers flare after a doctor confronts a congressman with questions over health care reform. why this blowup? i'll ask the congressm
member's burial. did the deputy go too far. debate coming your way. slogan comes to us from don weaver. 6:00 a.m. you could be sleeping miss "fox & friends" and all day you will be sleeping. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- steve: you missed that rooster, didn't you? brian: did i miss that roost err err. gretchen: brian is back. we're not sure where you were. brian: extensive journey down 27 to monday -- montauk. it's totally different climate. 60 miles away. a lot of big fox fans there. they would watch you guys every morning and go this is what you guys missed. steve: we missed you. glad to have you back a lot to talk about today. brian: i'm touching my knee and you are touching yours. what's on your mind? gretchen: why don't you continue to touch your knees and i will do the headlines. brian: that's a great idea. gretchen: this happened when you were away, brian. the divers are going to be back in the water today searching for the last two victims in a crash between a plane and sightseeing helicopter in new
the french is trying to be more like us. >> we're going to get a tax increase. >> will it be enough to pay for health care? >> yes, but the value added tax, national sales tax at 8%, hundreds of bill yorngs of dollars a year. >> that is one reason why everything in london, england costs twice as much as it ghoz manhattan. are we headed in that direction? >> the tax proposals, if you tax the employer plans and you get rid of the hsas you still have to get to the 1.2 trillion that they estimated it's going to cost. you are going to have low quality care and healthcare costs are going up. >>> john, let's talk about that for a second. national sales tax that won't replace the irs, wouldn't that be enough to pay for this thing? >> they could collect all the money they want out of the sales tax. sales tax falls on the lowest income people. they are talking about protecting. which side of the mouth are they talking out of? >> quintin you stand up for the poor and wouldn't it fall on them? >> david, did we come on later today so we could make up extra stuff? david, i don't understand there should
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